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New Yoga4Strength ® With Weights DVD Featuring 2 Full Length Yoga Routines!

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Full DVD Yoga4Strength® With Weights 2014 - 80 min
Join Melissa Krieger, certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer in this fast, fun and effective workout. Yoga4Strength with Weights goes beyond a traditional yoga practice; it's an hour-long yoga fusion class that will increase your overall strength, tone your core and increase your flexibility.

Melissa starts with a 15-minute gentle yoga warm-up, then moves into a faster-paced, 30-minute strength-training workout, using dumbbells for resistance. A quiet yoga cool down makes up the last 15 minutes. This is a challenging workout best suited for intermediate yogis and fitness buffs as well as those familiar with Yoga4Strenth.

You will need a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells for this practice.

Also included is Relaxation Yoga, a cooling, calming 25 minute practice appropriate for all levels. It is a gentle, full-body stretch that can be done on it's own or following your Yoga4Strength with Weights practice.

This DVD was released in 2014. To view Melissa's bio click HERE
$20.00 Download
Single Routine Yoga4Strength® With Weights 2014 - 50 min
$12.00 Download
Single Routine Relaxation Yoga 2014 - 25 min
$8.00 Download
Original Yoga4Strength ® DVD Featuring 3 Full Length Yoga Routines

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Full DVD Yoga4Strength® 2009 - 85 min
Join Melissa Krieger, certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer in this fresh and original routine. Yoga4Strength is a 40-minute moderate intensity workout that combines yoga, strength training, balance and core conditioning. Get ready for an energizing resistance-training workout mixed with yoga postures and sun salutations.

This DVD also includes two tranquil yoga sessions captured in a natural, oceanside setting. The first session is a gentle relaxation routine focusing on seated and reclining postures. The second is an energizing routine focusing on standing postures and balances.

Each session is a complete routine to be done alone or in combination with other sessions. Melissa focuses on teaching proper engagement of core muscles using deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles to stabilize the spine.

You need a resistance band for this routine. They can be purchased HERE (scroll down to the photo of the exercise and click to order!)

This DVD is suitable for all levels, the relaxation and energizing practice are great for beginners and the Yoga4Strength routine is a little quicker paced and suitable for those with a little more fitness experience.

Yoga4Strength was released in 2009. Click HERE for Melissa's bio.
$20.00 Download
Single Routine Yoga4Strength® 2009 - 40 min
$12.00 Download
Single Routine Relaxation Yoga 2009 - 20 min
$8.00 Download
Single Routine Energizing Yoga 2009 - 25 min
$8.00 Download
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